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More than 20,000 refugees from Ukraine settled down in California. These families fled the war, hoping to receive shelter, support, and assistance. Having suffered great loss, like homes, livelihoods, possessions, and even families, refugees need assistance starting over in a new country.

Settling down in a new country is complex, and as a result, many immigrants in the U.S. today live in fear and isolation, unable to truly feel a sense of home in the US. The Ukrainian American House saw a great need to support this vulnerable group of newcomers. UA House gives both immediate post-arrival assistance and long-term support for refugees. We assist with applying for resources, including but not limited to human assistance programs, ID or Driver's License, employment, etc.

We are not limiting ourselves just to helping the Ukrainian community. We assist all the refugees and immigrants in need because we understand their struggle and want to actively offer a caring and supportive environment for refugees as they begin new lives.

Assistance We Provide

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Access to emotional support is crucial for Ukrainians who were affected by war. Traumatic events induced by war (violence, losing a loved one, separation of families, loss of belonging, etc.) increase the risk of mental conditions, such as depression, insomnia, and PTSD. We provide emotional assistance for the affected people by holding therapy sessions, one-on-one private sessions, and referring them to certified psychologists. The UA House team members are of Ukrainian origin, and we can provide effective help because we understand the issue as no one else can relate.

Public Benefits

Public Benefits

We provide advice and assistance regarding filling out applications for benefits at DHA (Cash Assistance, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, etc.). Besides applying, we also troubleshoot the cases and provide assistance with uploading the documents, submitting changes, and checking the status of the application.

ESL Classes

ESL Classes

Together with experienced volunteer teachers, the UA House developed English as Second Language courses for newly arrived refugees who do not have sufficient language skills to live in the US. Currently, we are forming groups of students, differentiating them by age and language proficiency.

Translation Services

Translation Services

UA House helps people with filling out legal immigration documents. We help to submit an application for eligible applicants and assist them in gathering supporting documentation. Our bilingual staff is ready to walk through the process of submitting applications together with the client and explain everything in a simple way.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

We help refugees to be self-sufficient and build a better future. Our goal is to support them with full wrap-around services and support, help them build resumes, and prepare them for in-demand, high-quality jobs.

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Our Happy Clients 


Yevhen Mrynsky, 39 years

Thanks, UA House for the fruitful help! We found answers to a lot of our questions that we couldn’t find on Google. The way of personal approach to everyone is awesome. Nice bonus: snacks and coffee, and a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the speakers and specialists: they are providing useful and interesting information.


Natasha and Koba

Thanks for this awesome community, where we can feel support and receive the answers to questions of interest. Thank you for your kind assistance and consultations on how to improve our quality of life in the U.S.!



Thank you for the assistance! Very nice people. Now we have a clear understanding of what are next steps are going to be.

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