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About Us


Our Goals

We aim to protect the rights and meet the needs of individuals who are in forced or voluntary immigration in California. We help immigrants, refugees, and long-term residents of the United States live a life of dignity with respect and protection of their rights.

Our Vision

To create a large and efficient support center for immigrants and refugees, providing them with the needed resources and knowledge on how to build a life in the United States; to build a place where people can come to find support and understanding in times of struggle.

Our team

Our Team

Olena Olkhovyk

Olena Olkhovyk

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Lika Roiko

Lika Roiko

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DUNS Number: 116591388 | Entity Number: C4181477

Tax Authority Form Type: exempt 501(c)(3) |

TIN Type: EIN | Tax ID: 83-3993982

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Phone number: +1(916)201-0101

Physical address: 11290 Point E Dr Ste 215,

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742